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Board of Studies




Imphal, 25th July, 2014


No. 9/Auto-BS/2014-OC: In reference to the composition of Board of Studies as per UGC Guidelines and approval of the Academic Council of Oriental college regarding the implementation of Autonomous Status to the College, the following persons are nominated as members of Board of Studies of different Departments of the College for a term of 2 (two) years with immediate effect.


I. Department of Mathematics:
1) I. Tomba Singh,Deptt. of Mathematics Prof., Deptt. of Mathematics, M.U., Canchipur
2) Dr. Th. Mary Devi Associate Prof.,Modern College, Imphal
II. Department of Manipuri:
1) Dr. P. Gunindro Singh Prof., Manipuri Deptt., M.U., Canchipur
2) Dr. L. Sharatchandra Associate Prof., Manipur Deptt., D.M College of Arts, Imphal.
III. Department of Botany
1) Dr. P. Kumar Prof., Life Science, M.U., Canchipur
2) Dr. E. Jadu Singh Associate Prof., D.M College of Science, Imphal
IV. Department of Education
1) Dr. S. Gunadhor Singh Retd. Principal, Kanan Devi Memorial B. Ed. College, Imphal
2) A. Rebecca Devi Assoc. Prof., P.G.T College, Imphal
V. Department of Zoology
1) Dr. R.K. Gambhir Singh Prof., Deptt. of Zoology, M.U., Canchipur
2) Dr. H. Rajmani Singh Assoc. Prof., D.M College of Science, Imphal
VI. Department of Chemisrty
1) T. Mera Singh Retd. Associate Professor, Chemistry, Imphal
2) Dr. Rameshwar Singh Deptt. of Chemistry, M.U., Canchipur
VII. Department of Political Science
1) Dr. H. Indrakumar Singh Assoc. Prof., Modern College, Imphal
2) Dr. K. Ibo Singh Deptt. of Political Science, M.U., Canchipur
VIII. Department of English
1) Th. Ratankumar Singh Prof., Deptt. of English, M.U., Canchipur
2) L. Bishwachandra Singh Associate Prof., G.P. College, Imphal
IX. Department of Economics
1. Dr. L Damudar Singh Assoc. Prof. Deptt. of Economics, M.U., Canchipur
2. Kh. Shyamkanhai Singh Assoc. Prof., D.M College of Arts, Imphal
X. Department of Anthropology
1) K. Saratchandra Singh, Prof. Deptt. of Anthropology, M.U., Canchipur.
2) Dr. M.A. Latif Shah Assoc. Prof., D.M College of Science, Imphal
XI. Department of Physics
1) Dr. Sh. Dorendrajit Singh Professor, Deptt. of Physics, M.U., Canchipur.
2) M. Brajeshwari Devi Assoc. Prof., Modern College., Imphal
XII. Department of History
1) N. Joykumar Professor, Deptt. of History, M.U, Canchipur
2) Dr. N. Basanta Singh Associate Prof., Thambal Marik College, Imphal
XIII. Department of Geography
1) Dr. Naoroibam Deva Singh Associate Professor, Manipur University, Canchipur
2) Dr. Athokpam Lalit Singh Retd. Principal, Manipur College, Imphal


(Dr. Th . Biren Singh)
Oriental College, Imphal.
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  1. Chairman, Governing Body, Oriental College, Imphal.
  2. Chairman, Academic Council, Oriental College, imphal.
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