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Perspective Plan



  • Enhancement of quality, sustainable in continuity.
  • Transformation of the acquired knowledge into productive activities to cater to emerging local needs comprising with traditional and cultural values.
  • Participation in the development process of the nation at par with emerging global scenario.


  • To impart and spread knowledge through higher education to the learners coming mostly from the economically backward families.
  • To establish a centre of excellence in education by creating a good academic atmosphere.
  • To produce graduates of global competence in the context of local needs.
  • To provide the changing needs of the academic scenario.
  • To fulfil personal, societal & national needs of the stakeholders.

Revised Perspective Plans

Short Term Plan Objectives Required Strategy Target Achievement
i. Introduction of Choice Based Credit System To provide more flexible and multidisciplinary education to learners i. Curriculum development


2020-2022 CBCS Curriculum Introduced from 2020-21 providing more flexible, interdisciplinary education
ii. Orientation towards Student Centric Education To develop learner autonomy, responsibility and active participation ii. Teaching-learning and evaluation reformation 2020-2022 NEP 2020 curriculum aligned with LOCF introduced incorporating varied courses of industry-academia linkage.
Medium Term Plan Objectives Required Strategy Target Achievement
i. Opening of B.Ed. Programme To produce professional graduates for teaching career to cater to the present and future demand To mobilise for infrastructural support; prepare a minimum feasibility profile for proposal to the higher authority of the State Govt. for approval as an initial step 2020-2024
ii. IT Programme To give youths the required levels of IT skill- Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma / degree i)  Upgrading the existing IT Certificate Course

ii. Implementing institutional IT Policy

 Long Term Plan Objective Required Strategy Target Achievement
i. Development of Digital Classroom Blocks To create IT- leveraged modern classrooms of Arts and Science Blocks for providing the best teaching-learning support facilities in the institution Resource Mobilise for infrastructure augmentation through Planning Board and consultation with stakeholders 2020-2030
ii. Creation of an integrated Research Centre To provide facility for multidisciplinary research studies and to enhance collaborative research, theory encouraging the faculties to work at national & global level Developing a policy for research mobilisation, encouraging the teachers for research projects and Collaborations with institutions of national and international levels 2020-2030