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Dated 22/06/2016

It is hereby given for general information that B.A/B.Sc 2nd and 4th Semester end examination 2016(June) of Oriental College (Autonomous) scheduled to be held on 23rd and 24th June 2016 is postponed and rescheduled on 9thand 10th July,2016.

Further notified that shift and timing will remain unchanged.




Programme for B.Sc./B.A. 2nd and 4th Semester End Examination, 2016 (June)


Shift:     Morning from 9 a.m.                                                                                                           Dated:- 14-6-2016

Evening from 1 p.m.

Timing: 2hrs for 45 F.M. and 3 hrs. for 60/100 F.M.


Date Day Morning (2nd Semester) Evening (4th Semester)
23-6-2016 Thursday MIL (MAN)/ General English Chemistry / Education
24-6-2016 Friday Off EVS
27-6-2016 Monday Math / Eco / ESL Geography
28-6-2016 Tuesday Anthropology /MSL Botany / History
29-6-2016 Wednesday Chemistry / Education Mathematics / ESL
01-7-2016 Friday Women Empowerment Zoology / Pol. Science
04-7-2016 Monday Zoology / Pol. Science Physics / Economic
05-7-2016 Tuesday Physics / Geography Anthropology / MSL
07-7-2016 Thursday Botany / History Honours Supportive Course-II (HSC)


Controller of Examinations

Oriental College (Autonomous)


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