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S.O.P. for the online examinations:

  1. Questions will be uploaded in the college website 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  2. Student must use plain A4 papers or any other plain paper for writing their answer. At the top of the first pages students must clearly write the following in the given order:
  3. Name (in BLOCK LETTERS)
  4. Examination Roll Number in figures
  5. Examination Roll Number in words
  6. Registration number & year
  7. Class
  8. Subject
  9. Paper Name and Paper Code
  10. Each student must clearly write their Name and Roll No. at the bottom of every page.
  11. Answer papers should be submitted online in pdf format in a single file within 1hour after the end of the examination  (Within 2 p.m).
  12. For submission of answer papers Google form links will be provided separately for each paper.