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FOR B.A./B.SC. 1st , 3rd & 5th SEMESTER END EXAMINATIONS, 2018(Dec)

VENUE: Oriental College, Imphal

Time: Forenoon Shift from 9 A.M.;                                                        Afternoon Shift from 1 P.M.

Date & Day Forenoon Shift: Sub./Paper Code Afternoon Shift: Sub./Paper Code
30-11-2018 (Fri) RD (3rd Sem) HRD (1st Sem)
01-12-2018 (Sat) H 505 (5th Sem)- all Hons. Subs. PHY-303 / EDN-303
03-12-2018 (Mon) PHY-101 / ANT-101 H 506 (5th Sem)
04-12-2018 (Tue) PSC-101 ANT-303 / MSL-303
05-12-2018(Wed) MAT-101 / BOT -101 H 507 (5th Sem)
06-12-2018(Thu) EDN -101 GEG-303 / BOT-303 / MAT-303
07-12-2018(Fri) CHM-101 ESL-101
08-12-2018(Sat) GEG-101 ZOO-303 / HIS-303
10-12-2018(Mon) ZOO-101 / HIS-101 CHM-303
11-12-2018(Tue) GEN / MAN(MIL)-1 HSC-1 (3rd Sem)
13-12-2018(Thu) ECO-101 PSC-303
15-12-2018(Sat) MSL-101 ECO-303


  1. Practical Examination for 5th Sem. will start from 10/12/18; for 1st & 3rd Sem. from 13/12/18. Detailed Programme will be announced later.
  2. Last date of Exam. From submission for those who have cleared CIA: 10/11/2018(without fine) & 15/11/2018 (with fine)

(L.M. Singh)

Controller of Examinations

Copy to :-

  1. Principal, Oriental College, Imphal.
  2. Controller of Examinations, M.U., Canchipur, Imphal.
  3. All Deans & HODs, Oriental College, Imphal.
  4. The System Asst., O.C. for uploading in the institutional website.